Comprehensive Healthcare in Florham Park

…When your health can’t wait

From common ailments and lab tests to chronic illnesses, Omni-Med Family Care is here for all your healthcare needs.

When you’re under the weather, Omni-Med Family Care is your first choice for immediate care. But did you know that Omni-Med Family Care offers so much more than just urgent care?

For more than 25 years, Omni-Med Family Care has offered a full range of preventative services, from physical exams with full blood work, to lab tests and screenings, to care for chronic illnesses.

Everything is performed in our Morris County office, eliminating the need for visiting different facilities for specific tests or exams. Plus, our office hours are especially accommodating; we’re open seven days a week, including evenings.

At Omni-Med, we’ve gone digital. All patient charts are captured digitally and our e-prescribe software sends prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. Even our x-ray system is digital so results can be viewed and sent more easily.

As your Primary Care Physician, we’re the resource for all your healthcare needs – today and tomorrow